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It’s Been A Real Struggle For U.S. Real Money Online Poker Players

It used to be that U.S. players could play at whatever poker sites they want, in spite of the U.S. Department of Justice telling people that it wasn’t legal to do so. Then Congress passed a law targeting offshore poker sites which caused most of them to no longer accept players residing in the United States.

There were still a few poker sites such as Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker, and a few smaller networks which still accepted Americans, and this went on for over 4 years. Players wondered whether this could go on forever, with poker rooms in other countries flaunting their ignorance of American law.

Many players yearned for an approved and legal alternative where they could play real money poker online. The hope was that a bill could be passed through Congress legalizing and regulating online poker, but these attempts failed time and again and to date there really isn’t any realistic hope of this happening anytime soon.

The U.S. Department Of Justice Attacks

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After years of all talk and no real action, the U.S. government finally made their move on the major offshore poker operations that refused to cease allowing their residents to play real money poker on their poker sites. As a result, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of players’ money was seized by the authorities, often the entire bankrolls of hundreds of thousands of American players, which in itself caused them to no longer be able to play.

Absolute Poker and UB were destroyed, and players never did receive their money back. Full Tilt Poker ended up being taken down as well, and only Poker Stars survived, although they had to agree to never again permit Americans to play on their poker site. They also ended up buying the rights to Full Tilt Poker although Full Tilt will also never again let U.S. residents play there.

So this now leaves the smaller poker networks such as Merge, Revolution, and Bodog, and there still are some U.S. players who still play on these networks, although the number of them has been greatly reduced and most players have had enough. Who really knows how long these smaller sites will be allowed to continue, and losing all of their poker bankroll again is something few players wish to now risk.

Regulation Promises Little Help

So this has left most American online poker players playing a waiting game, with all of their hopes pinned on regulation allowing them to get back into the game. There are several problems with this though that most of them haven’t considered. First of all, states control gambling, not the federal government, so even if Congress did pass a law looking to regulate online poker in the U.S., they don’t have the constitutional power and the jurisdiction to do so. The best they could do is promise not to interfere.

So this leaves individual states to decide, although many of them have been hesitant to get involved due to fears of interference from the federal government. These fears do appear to be legitimate, since the DOJ has made it clear that they will do everything in their power to stop them.

It is one thing to go against the government if you are in another country, as poker rooms have done, but it’s quite another to do it as a state subject to American laws and within arms reach of the DOJ and other government agencies, who not only can go after them through legal sanctions, they can put a lot of pressure on states in other ways to comply with their demands.

How Well Will State Regulated Online Poker Work?

The idea of state regulated online poker has been around for years, yet no state has had the resolve to try to make it work, until lately. Nevada has passed laws allowing it under their strict conditions, and are currently taking applications from online poker operations to permit them to soon offer it to their residents.

So if you live in Nevada this might seem exciting, and if you live in the few other states who may join Nevada soon, you might be hopeful, but this all may not pan out to what most people think it will be. The first big problem is that it takes a large player base to make online poker operations work well, and if companies are limited to people just living in a single state, and especially if that state isn’t very large, the pie may be too small.

Nevada once believed that they could offer their regulated poker to other states, where the other states could opt in to the program, but the reality is that other states either don’t want their residents playing real money online poker, or they do want them to but want to run the show themselves and grab all the tax money themselves.

Are Individual States Too Small To Make Online Poker Work Well?

So now, Nevada officials are beginning to worry that their state may be too small to make this work very well, and those fears are very real. In the entire world, there is really only one poker site now with a significant amount of traffic, the kind that players really like. There are a number of smaller sites which barely get enough people playing there to attract and keep players, and they have the entire world to draw players from.

So if you take a single state, with several online poker operations competing for players, then none of them may get enough to create the momentum needed to make for a desirable poker room. Unless you have a large player base, there won’t be much action, and not enough to have players wanting to play there.

A big part of this is all of the different options that online poker players want and need, including different game types, such as Holdem, Omaha, and Stud, different variations of those game types, a variety of stakes from the smallest to the biggest, different formats such as cash, sit and go’s, and scheduled tournaments, different table sizes, such as full ring, 6 max, and heads up, different blind speed levels, and so on.

So if a player wants to play a certain type, and all players have their strong preferences here, and that isn’t being offered, or there is a pitiful amount of action at it, then things aren’t going to work. So you can see how poker sites need such a large player base to make players happy, and this is something that online poker limited to a single state is unlikely to do very well, even with the biggest states.

Someone Has To Pay All These Tax Dollars That States Want To Collect

Several states have become very excited at the prospect of all the millions that they can or are going to make from online poker. Players have shared this excitement, without realizing that it is they who will end up providing all this money to the states.

Historically, online poker sites have been located in exotic locations which have a very friendly taxation system. So the tax that they have paid, in total, has been very low. Poker rooms compete with each other, and in particular, look to offer players the best deals they can in terms of lower rake and higher player rewards, to outdo the competition.

So with their costs being as low as possible, it’s also been possible for players to beat the rake and with player rewards being thrown in, turn a profit. The biggest players, the ones who play a mind boggling number of tables at once, have been accustomed to making money playing it.

Get Ready To Lose A Lot More Money With This Scheme

Those who are less capable have been accustomed to losing money but at a reasonable pace, one that they are comfortable with. When players lose money faster than this, they give up the game.

So all this tax money that the states want will initially come from the poker sites, although this will result in much higher operating costs, which will require them to pass these higher costs on to the players. There is absolutely no doubt about this. So what will happen is that players will pay a higher rake, with the best players no longer being able to make a profit, and the average to lesser skilled ones losing a lot more money.

This sounds more like a prescription for disaster than something to get excited about. We’re already talking about a much smaller potential player base and traffic than has ever been seen in the poker world, and now you’re adding in to the fact that players will be doing much worse at the tables with these state based poker rooms, causing them to lose interest and eventually stop playing there.

We have seem this happen in much larger jurisdictions such as France, which has had regulated poker for a while now, and players are trying it out then quitting in droves as they did not appreciate how much of an effect the much higher operating costs of the poker rooms would have on them. We may expect this problem to be much bigger in much smaller jurisdictions such as individual states, who will have much less players to lose, something that in itself will make their costs higher per player and cause them to require even bigger rakes and fees.

So Where Are American Players To Turn?

What about the possibility of country wide online poker operations regulated by the U.S. government? This would allow more than a big enough player base, as at one time, a full half of the online poker players in the world resided in the United States. Even this probably just scratched the surface, as poker rooms were severely limited to the amount of marketing they could do, but with legal online poker, they could do all they want and attract a much bigger player base.

This is just a pipe dream though, as once again, it isn’t even possible due to the division of powers set out in the Constitution between the federal government and the states. States control all commerce within the state, and online gambling is commerce, as is all gambling. This is why states fully control all of the gambling that goes on there.

So even if those wishing to put through online poker legislation at the congressional level ever get past all of the fierce opposition to this by most politicians, it really won’t help. So we need a new solution, one that complies with existing state legislation, as we can’t rely on new laws being passed by states to help us. We need something that will work right now, not just in one or two states, but in most of them, that’s completely legal and will allow U.S. players to play real money poker online. Is this too much to wish for?

ClubWPT Finally Has The Solution For You

Forget gambling on playing on illegal foreign poker sites. Forget about sitting on your hands waiting for regulated poker to come to your state, which may or may never come, and if it does, you probably will wish it hadn’t. ClubWPT offers players from most states the opportunity to play real money online poker, right now, and it’s 100% legal.

So no more worrying about the government shutting down your poker site or even seizing all of your money, as has happened to most online players from the U.S. who have insisted on playing on illegal poker sites. This one is totally legit and approved.

So if you live in the following states, you can get in on all of this fun right now. The states and countries where you can play real money poker at ClubWPT are:

As well as players from Australia, Canada, France, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

ClubWPT Is Owned By The Most Respected Company In Online Gaming

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The WPT in ClubWPT stands for the World Poker Tour, by the way. So if you were thinking that they might be your ticket to a seat at a World Poker Tour event, you are absolutely right. If you are like most players, you’d never be able to afford to plop down 10 grand or more just to play in one of these tournaments, but you don’t have to, as you can just win your seat to one at ClubWPT.

A lot of players pay close attention to the quality of the company which owns the poker sites they play at, and with good reason, as there are some with less than impressive credentials. Often you don’t even know who owns the company until something happens like the owners get indicted by the FBI. A lot of these poker rooms operate beyond not only the law but the regulators that are supposed to be regulating them, and sometimes they even skim off players’ money, which the former owners of Full Tilt Poker have been charged with doing.

Both the World Poker Tour and ClubWPT are owned by Bwin Party, who also own and run WPT Poker, Party Gaming, and Bwin, one of the largest online betting sites in the world. This company came about from a merger between the two most respected gaming companies in the world, and is traded on the London Stock Exchange. Together they form the world’s largest online gaming company.

They not only stopped offering regular real money gaming when requested back in 2006 as a result of the UIGEA, they also paid a huge settlement to the U.S. government for offering gaming to U.S. residents prior to this law, something that they didn’t have to do, but wanted to get on the best terms possible with the U.S. government in order to offer something there later on.

ClubWPT Doesn’t Even Require You To Deposit Money With Them

Whenever you deposit money at a poker site, even with the most respected and trusted online poker operations around, there’s always a risk that you may lose it. Players certainly didn’t expect to lose their money on deposit at Full Tilt Poker, for instance, as at the time it was pretty well thought of as too big of an operation to ever really had problems with. That’s what they said about a lot of U.S. financial institutions though before they ended up going belly up.

ClubWPT is much more respected than Full Tilt Poker ever was, and what’s better, ClubWPT doesn’t require you to make a deposit at all. This sounds too crazy to be true, until you understand how ClubWPT works, but once you do, then you will see that this is the perfect way to play real money poker online.

Instead of depositing money at WPT, players pay a small monthly fee to play there, which amounts to only $19.95 a month on the month to month plan, and even less if you purchase a package of several months. This is all you will spend at ClubWPT, period.

What you do get for this monthly fee, among other things, is the ability to play as many real money poker tournaments as you want, without paying a single dime or without losing a single dime. In total, there is over $100,000 in tournament prize money won every month by ClubWPT members.

Once You Pay The Membership Fee, It’s All You Can Eat

If you play poker tournaments online, you already know how expensive this can be. Even at the smallest real money tournaments of $1 + $0.10, you can only play a limited amount of them for less than $20, and the prize money at these micro tournaments are pretty lame. What if you could literally play hundreds for the same money, and play for a lot more money than you’d ever be able to play for with this small amount of cash?

That would be a pretty awesome setup. Did I also mention that this is all completely legal in the U.S.? Can you start to understand why we and so many other players are so excited about this concept?

Regular Poker Sites Can Be A Black Hole Sucking Up Your Money

I’ve been working with poker players ever since the early days of online poker, and I’ve seen so many bleed money month after month. I can tell you that there are a lot of players who lose way more than $20 a month. They tell me that they justify blowing $100, $200, or more, and sometimes a lot more every month on seeing it as an entertainment expense, like going to the movies or sporting events or anything else you might want to call entertainment.

The other thing is that, contrary to what people believe, the overwhelming majority of online poker players lose more than they win. Even the best players these days are finding it harder and harder to turn a profit anymore because the games have tightened up so much, where you have to be extremely good and also play a ton of tables at the same time to have a legitimate chance at beating the rake and fees that you pay to play there.

So while I used to be able to teach struggling players to become profitable without too much trouble in the old days, nowadays it’s pretty tough and you have to be not only dedicated and spend a long time learning the game in order to really become successful, you also need to have deep pockets, as the money you will lose along the way will really pile up.

ClubWPT Is The Perfect Antidote to All Of This

So ClubWPT allows you to only pay $19.95 a month or less, play all you want for real money prizes, just like regular real money poker tournaments, and it’s completely legal as well. This is the perfect situation for the overwhelming majority of poker players, which are those who are losing money at poker right now if you are playing, or have been holding out for a legal way to play real money poker online. So that’s a huge amount of players, and I’m willing to bet that you are included.

Even if you are beating the games right now, you may be getting stressed at how hard it is to keep doing it these days, and may be looking for a great alternative to this extreme grind. So in all cases though, why not give ClubWPT a try.

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Some players are reluctant to plop down even as small an amount as $19.95 before they try out the club and get completely confident that they will find it worth the money and enjoy it. We realize that, as does ClubWPT, so they will be giving you a two week free trial by visiting them through our special link.

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In the end, you can rest assured that ClubWPT doesn’t want you to waste your time and theirs with this trial if they did not feel that you are going to love being a member of yours and will continue to be for a very long time. However, that decision will be yours once you give them a try.

In the mean time, you’ll get to play in as many of their real money tournaments for a full two weeks and experience for yourself everything they have to offer, which by the way is more than just the tournaments.

Decide For Yourself

So after years of recommending all of the good poker sites on the internet, we’re excited enough about this setup that we give it our highest recommendation. You will be the one to decide this though in the end, and all we are doing with this site is telling you some of the great things about this club and pointing you in the right direction.

There’s more to learn about ClubWPT elsewhere on this site, but if you have heard enough already to at least try them out for free, which I’m pretty confident that you have, then you can click on our link to them right now and start enjoying the benefits immediately. You can always come back to our site later to learn more, or if you aren’t convinced yet, you can explore more of our site right now.

In either case, we are very excited about ClubWPT, as you can probably tell, and this really is a grass roots real money poker site, a poker site that’s truly for the people.