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100% Legal, No Deposits, No Buy Ins, No Risk!

The opening line at the ClubWPT.com home page says it all. 100% legal, no deposits, no buy ins, and no risk. That could be said about play money poker sites as well, only at ClubWPT, the money you win is very real. This is what players from the U.S. have been yearning for, and for a long time. It is finally here, completely legal real money poker, only in this case you pay a small monthly membership fee of less than $20 and that entitles you to all the real money tournament poker you can handle.

On ClubWPT’s home page, you’ll find all sorts of information about all of the benefits of ClubWPT membership, in fact everything you can possibly know about being a member without actually becoming a member. However, given that they also offer you a two week free trial, where you’ll get access to all of the benefits of membership without putting up a single dime, you will be able to go even deeper, all the way in fact, to discover for yourself what this deal is all about.

I want to take the time to go over the main features of ClubWPT Poker’s home page for you so you will be able to more easily navigate it and find what you are looking for when you visit it through our special link.

The Main Flash Player And The Main Home Page Articles

ClubWPT Banner: Online Poker - Legal and Free

Here you’ll find highlights of what’s currently going on at ClubWPT Poker. For instance, at the time of this writing, you can find information on several highlights of the site, with each of their announcements having a frame and the frames alternating every few seconds. There is also a smaller board beneath the main flash player where you can click on each offer or scroll through them manually and this pauses the player so that you can check them out without having the next frame play.

Among the highlights currently up at the time of this writing are the current live WPT event that you can win tickets to, info on the Royal Flush Girls bounty tournament, info on the ClubWPT.com Savers Guide, info on some of the digital downloads available for free with your membership, a frame announcing the over $100,000 in prizes that you will be playing for every month as a member, info on the Royal Flush Girls gallery, the ask Mike Sexton section where members can ask Mike their questions, info on the latest season of the WPT where members can watch episodes online, and more.

There are also other sections on the home page highlighting other features of the site and of your membership. Each have convenient links so that you can click to find out more about each particular feature of membership. As you will see, ClubWPT membership isn’t just about being able to play in all the real money poker tournaments you want, as they offer you considerably more than this. So I will go over some of them for you for your benefit as well as showing you where on the site you will find more information on them.

The Create An Account Section

To the immediate left of the link to the home page on the main title bar at the top of the home page is the Create Account link. This is where you open an account with them, and provide the registration information that they need to get you started with them.

In addition to providing such things as your personal information, and a username and password so that you can sign in, you will also need to provide to them your billing information so that if you decide to stay on past the two week free trial period, they will be able to provide to you convenient automatic billing.

One of the real nice things though is that they accept all major credit cards, and there’s never a problem with them processing your payment with them, as this is a completely legal poker site, so credit card companies have no problem at all allowing these transactions.

After you have signed up for your VIP membership with ClubWPT.com, they will provide you with a link to download their software so that you can start playing in their poker tournaments and grab your share of the hundred grand in cash and prizes that ClubWPT makes available to their members every month.

When creating an account, be sure to remind yourself using our ClubWPT coupon code, which is CLUBBONUS.

The VIP Experience Section

ClubWPT Banner: Play with the Royal Flush Girls

To the right of the Create Account link is the VIP Experience link, which provides information on what it is like to be a VIP member of ClubWPT.com. The first sub section provides you with several testimonials from members on how happy they are to be a member, including some stories on some big wins that people have had as a result of joining this poker site.

The first section provides several text based testimonials, and if you want more, you can also visit the VIP Member Interviews section which has some video interviews of members at major poker events that they won seats to by winning prize packages at ClubWPT. Needless to say, these players are pretty excited, as any of us would be playing live poker at a big WPT event.

There’s also a special section on the Royal Flush girls, with photos and bios of each girl. VIP members get access to the VIP Premium gallery with additional photos of the girls. There’s also a section on the WPT talent, including bios on Mike Sexton, Vince Van Patten, Kimberly Lansing, and Tony Dunst.

The Tournaments Section

Everything you ever wanted to know about the tournaments at ClubWPT.com and then some is included in the Tournaments section which can also be found on the title bar on all pages of the ClubWPT.com website.

Clicking on “promotions” will allow you to view all of the current promotions that are running at ClubWPT. For instance, right now they are featuring things like Blue Shark Optics tournaments, where you can win a pair of cool and expensive sunglasses, the Monday Night Poker promotion, the latest WPT Main Event tournament that you can win a seat at, the Royal Flush Girl Bounty Tournament, The $10,000 guaranteed tournament, the TAG Heuer Watch tournament, the $100 Nooner Double Stack, The $100 Late Nite, the WPT Boot Camp promotion, and the Leaderboard Champions event.

Each of these promotions features a brief recap of what they are all about, and if you are looking for more information on each of them, there is a “learn more” link which will take you to the main page of the particular promotion that you are interested in learning more about.

There’s also a sub menu called “full schedule” where you can view all of the upcoming tournaments for the particular month that you are in, sorted by week. This makes it very easy to see what’s going on at any particular time, and you’ll also notice that there are tournaments running at all hours of the day or night, every day. So whenever you want to play a tournament, there is one or more waiting for you.

There are 5 other sections here which are Poker 101, which provides players with rules of the game as well as strategies, in addition to info on the poker odds calculator, a section on poker in general, a section on blackjack, poker rules, tournament rules, and a section which explains how the tournament points that ClubWPT uses work.

On the right of the pages at the tournament section there are also links to other useful information, such as the cash and prizes overview, more info on their poker tournaments, info on their blackjack elimination tournaments, and more. Blackjack lovers will really love the elimination tournaments they run, where as always, you don’t risk a dime but can win some real money.

The Membership Rewards Section

Being a member of ClubWPT.com involves many other benefits than the real money tournaments that you can play in, and in the Membership Rewards section, they go over some of these additional benefits. First off, there is of course a section on the unlimited tournaments that you can play.

If you like poker magazines, then you’re in for a treat, as members gain access to all 40 issues of WPT Poker magazine. In addition to this, you also get access to Bluff Magazine, which also runs some very interesting articles on the world of poker. If that weren’t enough, you also get access to exclusive ClubWPT features and articles.

ClubWPT members also get enrolled in the ClubWPT Savers Guide, where you can save hundreds of dollars on shopping, dining, entertainment, and more. This section alone can save you many times your membership fee every month and it’s definitely worth checking out and taking advantage of.

Your membership also gets you some free digital downloads such as ring tones, wallpapers and screensavers, avatars, and so on. You also get discounted rates to the exclusive WPT Boot Camp, where you can save up to $500 on these packages.

You can also watch episodes of all 10 seasons of the WPT. There is also exclusive bonus footage available nowhere else. ClubWPT also offers its members some exclusive strategy videos where you can look to improve your game. There are also other video features available to members only which you’ll gain access to.

ClubWPT.com also has a refer a friend program where you will receive free gas just for turning your friends on to the great deal that ClubWPT offers. You earn a $20 gas card for each friend you refer who ends up staying at least 30 days past the free trial period. So especially since ClubWPT is free to try, you should have no trouble coming up with a list of friends and get a stack of gas cards.

So With All This Going For It, Why Wait To Try It Out For Free?

The truth is, there’s absolutely no reason not to take advantage of this deal. As you can see, there’s all kinds of reasons to join ClubWPT.com, and absolutely no good reason why not to. ClubWPT is confident that you will really like their site and stay on, which is how they can offer you all of this for free for two weeks without your paying anything.

However whether you stay on is totally up to you, but why not check it out and make some money playing poker at the same time, and see for yourself. Just click on our link to them and you are on your way.