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Is There Anywhere That U.S. Players Can Turn To Play Legal Online Poker?

Since online poker first emerged on the scene in the late 1990’s, players from the United States have wondered where they could play real money online poker without having to worry about whether it was legal for them to do so or not. This has been a matter of considerable dispute, as the U.S. government has maintained all along that gambling online, including playing real money online poker, has not been legal.

Whether or not their view has been a correct one has been something that both legal scholars and many online poker rooms have questioned, and the only time that this ever went to the courts was in a decision back in 2002 holding that current federal law did not apply to online poker.

However this has not stopped the government from looking to interfere with the industry as far as laying charges and seizing bank accounts, as they did for example during what is known as Black Friday, where 4 big poker sites were attacked by them, with 3 of them being essentially killed off, and hundreds of millions of dollars of player’s money lost for good.

Since then, few players have dared to play at the few online poker sites left after this massacre, in fear that the same thing might happen to these smaller sites as well, and they may have their poker funds seized and taken away from them again. They sit and wait for legal poker to come, but since this is decided on a state by state level, it may be a long time or may even never come depending on what state you live in.

So where are U.S. players to turn to if they still want to play real money poker online? Well there is a good option, although it’s one that most people aren’t familiar with, but those who are indeed in the know are having loads of fun and winning lots of cash and other great prizes. Once you finish reading this review, you will be counting yourself among the enlightened and will be completely ready to give this a try yourself.

ClubWPT Offers The Only Truly Legal Real Money Poker In The U.S.

The site that I’m talking about is called ClubWPT Poker. This is by no means an obscure or small site or one that is of dubious trustworthiness. WPT here stands for World Poker Tour, and the company who owns ClubWPT, Bwin Party Gaming, also owns the World Poker Tour, Party Poker, Bwin, and overall is the number one gaming company in the world.

This company is also publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange who require that all aspects of their operation are completely honest and open. With other online gaming companies which are privately owned, often times no one is even sure who owns them, let alone what’s going on with them and if they will some day grab everyone’s money and disappear, as has happened.

So as a member of ClubWPT Poker, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the most trusted and respected gaming company in the world. They are also a company that has completely complied with the wishes of the U.S. government to make sure they stay on their good side, including stopping offering regular real money poker to U.S. players when requested back in 2006.

So now they have the only legal real money poker being offered to Americans, and it’s not just legal, it’s completely legal, as legal as Reader’s Digest and Publisher’s Clearing House. In fact ClubWPT operates under the same laws as these two companies do, so this isn’t something that’s going to change as far as new laws coming out against it.

How Does ClubWPT Achieve All Of This?

If ClubWPT were officially a gambling site, then it surely could not claim that it was legal in the U.S. It might be able to argue that it is and the government is wrong about that, but that’s a different thing. Once again, rightly or wrongly, if the government thinks that you are doing something illegal, they will come after you.

There is absolutely no risk of that though, or their coming after ClubWPT either. The truth is, ClubWPT is not a gambling site, either officially or unofficially. Now it’s also true that you usually consider playing in real money tournaments to be gambling, and ClubWPT in fact gives away over $100,000 per month in cash and prizes to people who play their tournaments.

The first big difference though is that you don’t pay an entry fee to any of their tournaments. As a member, you can play in as many real money poker tournaments as you want, which is covered by your monthly membership fee. So you pay a small fee every month to be a member, and that’s all you spend, period, no matter how much you play.

The membership fee isn’t even officially for this, as it’s for the content that your membership provides, things like access to online poker magazines, exclusive poker articles, access to WPT television episodes from every season, discounts on shopping, dining, and travel, and more. It could be argued that all this alone is worth the less than $20 it costs to be a member, but in any case, that’s what the membership fee is for, officially.

The poker tournaments, which are the meat and potatoes of the deal of course, are the “sweepstakes” that they offer, just like that stuff you get in the mail from magazine companies. They are allowed to give away money like this because of sweepstakes laws, and ClubWPT has designed their offering to be exactly like that, and the poker is the so called sweepstakes.

ClubWPT Is Therefore Perfectly Legal And Legitimate

This is all perfectly legitimate though and it completely legal in most states. Here is a list of the states you need to live in to be eligible to become a member of ClubWPT: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

ClubWPT isn’t just limited to players from these states, or even the United States. Players from select countries can also participate. These other countries are: Australia, Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. In fact, many of the members of ClubWPT reside in these other countries, although the official language of ClubWPT is English, so you’ll have no problem communicating with other players.

So these are the states and countries that have laws permitting sweepstakes, and once again, that’s what ClubWPT is. If there’s no clear laws permitting this, they don’t mess around, although as time goes on more states and countries may be added to the list, if you live in an area where ClubWPT isn’t available right now. If you do live in one of the permitted areas, you can sit back and relax and be completely assured that what you are doing is perfectly legal and permissible, which is worth quite a bit in itself.

ClubWPT’s All You Can Eat Poker Tournament Buffet

The main course in reality at ClubWPT isn’t the content, it’s the poker, and this is the main reason why players become members. The content is nice, but it’s really just a bunch of free extras, aside from the ingenious front that it provides to allow for real money poker finally to be able to be played legally.

So once again, there’s over a hundred grand worth of poker tournaments made available to ClubWPT members every month, which not only includes cash but a chance to win premium merchandise as well, and even a seat at a prestigious WPT live event, where you have the chance to meet and play against the world’s best tournament players, and compete alongside them for millions of dollars of prize money.

Even though ClubWPT hasn’t been around for that long, they already have many stories of ClubWPT members winning seats to the World Poker Tour and doing well at it. If you make it far enough, you can even work your way up to the televised part of it, and if you’re on TV, you’re in for a very big payout at the very least, and your friends and family can watch from home and see you rake in a large amount of money.

It’s a lot of fun to dream, and while ClubWPT can make your poker dreams come true, it’s mostly about the reality here, a reality that a lot of people have been wishing would happen for a long time, which is legal real money poker. So to add to this wish we also want to play as many as we want for a small fixed monthly fee, we want big money tournaments as well as the smaller ones, and we don’t want to ever have to pay anything more to get all this.

So that’s exactly what ClubWPT gives you. They also run tournaments around the clock so there’s always one on, and if you never had to sleep you could play in them 24 hours a day 7 days a week. However, that isn‘t even possible as we all need to sleep, but suffice to say that ClubWPT delivers all the excitement of real money poker that you can handle and then some.

This Is Way Better Than Pay As You Go Poker

Unless you are brand new to poker, and have never played real money poker before, you know how much of a struggle pay as you go poker can be. For the overwhelming majority of players, it’s more like lose as you go. It is estimated that only 1 in 10 poker players make more than they lose, and that figure is from when the games weren’t as tight as they are now. Nowadays that number might be 1 in 20 or even 1 in 30.

So chances are you have experienced this for yourself. If you ever tried depositing as little as $20 at a poker site, you would almost always find that this money is gone pretty quickly, even if you stick to the real small and real boring stakes. Many players in fact go through thousands of dollars a year playing online poker, meaning losing thousands a year.

It’s also a whole lot less fun seeing yourself bleed off money regularly and consistently, and for a whole lot of players, the amount of pleasure they get from playing is outweighed, and often very outweighed, from the pain involved from losing at poker and losing a bunch of money as well. Most players in fact succumb to this pain and end up quitting poker, either early on or later. When they quit depends on how much pain they can stand.

So if you could play all you want, and play for over $100,000 in total every month, all for less than $20 a month, and also get a bunch of other free stuff thrown in as well, and never lose a dime playing, well that would be just about perfect, and a whole lot better than just dumping your money to the sharks.

To add to this, these days if you are going to be playing online poker from the U.S., you have to worry about your site being shut down, and you losing all your money, or who knows what else. Maybe they will start going after people’s personal bank accounts some day, who knows really?

So as you can see, ClubWPT offers not just a better way, but a much better way. Whether you are a poker addict and ClubWPT ends up saving you from yourself, or just a casual player who wants to play in the occasional tournament, ClubWPT is the perfect answer.

ClubWPT’s Other Benefits

In addition to being able to play in as many poker tournaments as you wish, ClubWPT also offers you several other niceties of value. First, if you enjoy watching poker on television, ClubWPT offers you every episode from every season of the WPT Poker Tour from the convenience of your own computer. So you pick what you want to watch and then watch it. You get hundreds of hours of entertainment just from this.

ClubWPT also offers their members an array of poker articles available nowhere else. These articles are in fact exclusive to ClubWPT members. If you like the sound of this, you’re really going to enjoy the online subscription that is included to not just one, but two popular poker magazines, Bluff Magazine and WPT Poker magazine. You not only get the latest issue of both, you can also check out past issues as well in the archive.

You also get enrolled in the ClubWPT Savers program, where you can save a bunch of money on shopping, dining, entertainment, and travel. There are a lot of things available to save money on and once again this is offered exclusively to ClubWPT members. This benefit alone could pay for your monthly membership fee several times over.

There’s also a section which offers ongoing poker strategy articles and tips from top pros. If you want to take this a step further, you also receive a big discount to their WPT Boot Camp, where you can get face to face instruction in person from top poker players.

As an extra bonus, ClubWPT members gain access to various digital downloads, such as screen savers, avatars, and more, all poker related. You get all of this plus all the tournaments you can play all for the small fee of $19.95 per month, and even less if you purchase one of the packages.

As Good As This All Sounds, There’s No Need To Decide Anything Now

While it’s pretty obvious that all of this is very worth the less than 20 bucks that it all costs, ClubWPT doesn’t want you to spend a cent on it right now. They are so confident that you will appreciate the great deal that all of this is that they are going to give you two full weeks to try it out.

If at any time during this trial period you feel that you don’t want to continue on, for any reason, you just let them know, and then after the two weeks are up you don’t get charged anything. If you do continue to stay on, which I’m sure you will want to, you can simply go with the month to month membership, and therefore cancel during any subsequent month and be free of any obligation thereafter.

So as long as are fortunate enough to live in one of the areas where ClubWPT is allowed, there’s no reason at all not to try this all out for free, and there’s also no reason at all to wait to do it. Right now is a great time. Just click on our link to ClubWPT and we will see you there!